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this is so cool!! figuring out the rules was definitely tricky at the start (especially bc i don't have a mouse lol) but i'm so glad i stuck with it. i actually really liked how vague it was, it made the payoff of figuring out what was really happening/the plot so much more satisfying :) and the design!! the style was lovely and it really fit the vibe 

(spaced this out to hide spoilers but) was "he" who Dee talked about the jester piece from the last card game round? i couldn't figure out quite where those two things fit in to the rest of the story


More information is required to pinpoint what exactly you are referencing. Lore related questions may be asked in our Discord server, due to the awkwardness of obscuring spoilers on

Can't even get past the first level because I don't understand anything the game is trying to tell me. The paper isnt any help either because the instructions are so vague, wasted 30 minutes of my time.


The first tutorial note reads: "They flip cards face up. I flip cards face down. I move and interact with (mouse click). I may infect the card based on what it last was face up. (then some more illustration)

While this is indeed not completely explicit, it outlines the fundamental concept of the gameplay which is relatively simple. With some trial and error in relation to what the tutorial note references, and the limited amount of possible things you can do; we generally anticipate that the solution will be attainable within thirty minutes for most players.


I really liked the graphics, story, mechanics, and music!! I suffered with the card game because I didn't know how to infect the cards, but when I realized I really liked it. It's a really original and cute game, and I wish it was longer! I will continue playing portrait prophecies games, i really enjoy them :)


hey, could you please explain the game a little more to me? i dont quite get what i have to do (mabey its bc i dont fluently speak english??? haha) i do really like the music and graphics :)


The tutorial papers generally cover it. You flip cards face down, others flip them face up. If the card has wavy swirls on it after being flipped up, you can infect it after it's been flipped back down.

ohhhhhhhhhhhh tysm i get it now :D thats so cool

It says I shouldn't be able to flip cards if they don't have the spiral ends, but I can.


You can flip them, you just can't infect them directly.