A downloadable game for Windows

She just got home.

Yet something is different now. This house is not the same anymore. It does not feel the same anymore. But something is in here, and each time she comes home that something changes. 

Maybe that something is just her, she will never know until she finds it.

Use the arrow keys to guide her.

Use the E key to interact with light switches and other things.

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Install instructions

Construct 2 games are run with Node-Webkit, which requires several supporting files in order to function. Thus the game is packaged as an installer, which includes those supporting files in the game folder so that it can run. This causes the EXE to have a slightly above average size, as it contains the additional files Node-Webkit requires to run the game.

The downloaded EXE file can be operated to proceed through the direct installation process for the game.

Once the game is installed, it can be initiated by clicking on the desktop shortcut or manually by entering the game folder and clicking on the application file labelled nw.

Computer must be able to run WebGL at minimum.


I Am Alone.exe 45 MB

Development log


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Very cool little game. I was only able to find 5 of the endings but I might revisit it again and see if I can find the rest.

Interesting little game, was much different than I thought it'd be! 

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ALRIGHT! I got it! Thanks to that update that made it so I can see in the dark. xD Awesome

So, I was very confused by the game when I played it. I think some of the objects, like the stairs, are kind of hard to make out. I didn't realize it was a horror game until I watched another playthrough.

If it were a little bit more clear, I think it would be easier to play :)

Interesting SMALL game but, it has nice attention to detail like the window lighting on the inside changing the outside appearance of the house - The challenge then is, how many endings are there? How many times can you murder or be murdered in what may be a never-ending loop.

Gonna be uploading a lengthy playthrough of this soon, wanted to ask if there's any way you could hint at how many different deaths there are? Wondering if I found them all. I feel like I'm missing 1 or 2, but I got a total of 6 so far.

There are ten different endings in total. 

One of them you will only get by goofing around.

I think I got that goofing-one, but 10 total huh...dang.