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this game was so cute <3

I love this setting, thinking of using the ttrpg one day as a oneshot for our DnD club. The game itself is great, I felt connected to both characters, and loved all the different endings. 5/5, for sure

omg i thought right clicking dialouge means there's some secret text that would appear T--T

how many endings are there? :v


Approximately five.


okay- it looks like a really sweet game, but the subtitles/text loadings are hella slow for me and if I click on it the whole text disappears and new one starts not showing the whole previous text. Idk if that's problem with my computer as I see from ytb videos it works fine. :((

Decreasing the size of the game window, particularly by pressing Restore Down, may alleviate slowness. If you are playing the game in your browser, then trying a different browser may also yield some improvement.

You can actually Right Click and it loads all the text so it doesn't have to scroll




SAME lol

Surprisingly wholesome. Made a new friend out of the strange silhouette <333

looks creepy but cute~<3


Is there a way to win? I've played many times and done different stragies, but never won... Also love your content, made an account just to follow you people (everyone who is Portrait Prophecies). So, I guess this is two comments - me telling you how much I love these games, and me wondering can you even beat this one.

Sorry for bothering you!


We recall that there are approximately five different endings. One is more canonical than the others.


Ok. But all in all, there is no "winning" the game? Like, no one answer that means you succeed in the mission?


You cannot win any experience created by Portrait Prophecies. It is simply a matter of whether you reach a conclusion enforced by us or enforced by yourself.


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cause u gay

I think it's kind of implied that the girl is trans. One of the narration lines says that it doesn't look like she has breasts, and if you ask her "are you really a girl?" she starts crying.


I love this, it is so adorable!!


how TO WWIIINN!!!??


you dont


The story was nice! But, the art was what really gave it depth. In all, I liked it. Thanks! :-)

The dialog was a little bit off but it was a really good game.I loved the wavy pixelish graphics so much.It was definitely original.Bravo.


I'm Imbecile ;( Anyway. I really enjoy art and climate, though as someone already mentioned, font is a bit hard to read and it makes the game harder to feel. I believe that it would feel awesome if there were more clips (it feels empty sometimes), but I know that it's probably matter of time. Thanks anyway. I really enjoyed that game :)

Cute! Although I'm not sure if that's what I really think, or if the game is making me..? haha

One thing I will say though is that reading the text did strain my eyes a little bit over time since it's so small and because the font being used is a little hard to read. Still really enjoyed it though, both times I played through :)

Great idea but all that text kinda bored me it's just not my type of the game i guess

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