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figured out within a minute that you can moonwalk by pressing then releasing left while holding right

holy cow it was simple but the tension building was SPECTACULAR. Killer sorta reminded me of Gaster ngl

damn, that game was simplistic but beautiful. the sparse was audio was actually so good. The simplicity of the game had me underwhelmed at first, but was just lulling into a false sense of security. In other words, this was not fun to play alone at night jk. had the hair on my arms standing up. Also, i loved the character design. Reminds me of my quarantine self, accept actually aesthetically pleasing. But good work, patcherself on the back


It had my heart pounding all throughout the game. Awesome job.


i would appreciate if the walking was faster, otherwise its such a good game, it unnerved me

is a good game but perhaps a little more story

Deleted post

is there a piont to this game

I played your game and reviewed it! Keep up the good work!