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hush its fun and spooky you complain to much. just enjoy it and leave. maybe the person who made it was testing something.


I have to agree with everyone else's criticism. This game is too slow, and for my lack of patience that did a work. I think it builds up tension well but the long waits made me lose it, along with the interest for the game. 

Unfortunately, the slow walking speed and long stretches where nothing happens blow a lot of the potential.


There was no clear connection between my actions and things happening. I have no idea what the not-street-lamp objects were supposed to be (phones?) and the environment is boring and repetitive. There's a dead body across the street that's much more interesting!

When I received the picture of my door being unlocked I went back to check but there was no point. You really are just supposed to walk in a straight line at a snail's pace until the stalker or whatever gets you?

Not particularly scary as a game, just confusing and frustrating.

this shit is scary i walk in the street and it... jump scary me

this was super interesting. i reached the end of the map though and didnt really know what to do so ended the game by getting hit by a truck lol


Boring, absolutely boring.

I dont get it plz explain


Games like these are always highly under rated. This managed to be legitimately creepy and even startling. Well made. ^^