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Bro all of your games are amazing, all of them are worth $60.  At least, that's what I would be willing to pay to play them again if I weren't broke ;).  Amazing story with good art and impeccable character development.  This would make an amazing novel!

Was the 3 versions that was said in Fax Vex Puix true? or was it plot stuff-

It is all true.

dude i absolutely love all of them ;-; im in love with yalls games. also jamie being trans? the best thing ever, hell yeah i love u guys

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Absolutely dead in LOVE with these characters - the whole setting gives off a very "carny" vibe and I'm so okay with that. Comedic timing isn't something that I thought could be well-executed with a visual novel, and yet I've never laughed so hard at a little explosion sound effect. Also having a trans girl lead gets all the bonus points.

Very very very very very excited to see what happens with the staff of Smiles Inc. next! Just played this after coming hot off the heels of Fax Vex Puix and I need so much more in any possible form (I'd like to think this would work very well as a comic - something akin to Gerard Way's The Umbrella Academy). Loved it!!


Smiles Incorporated was originally a cartoon sketch, but due to how inaccessible the media industry is we were unable to find a way to even pitch the storyboard to any company.

We considered making it into a comic however at the moment we have a different webcomic series running. Perhaps once that one ends Smiles Incorporated will replace it in some capacity.

Beyond our games, we have recently adapted the story into a novel which we are in the process of finding an agent for. If that fails we will simply publish the manuscript online for free.

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(possible spoiler warning)
Oh dear gods... this is one of the best games I've played in ages, please keep doing what you're doing, the art is simple and wonderfully atmospheric, and I can't remember detailed pixel art this good in a story heavy game. Its fairly short compared to most other visual novels but you've packed so much character development into it that I allready want to hug every single kid there and GODS DAMN IT MAXWELL IF YOU HURT SAM JAMIE OR ANY OF THE OTHER KIDS AGAIN I WILL RIP WHATEVER SERVES AS YOUR ENTRAILS OUT WITH MY- ... ahem, excuse me, got carried away for a sec. Seriously though, if I wasn't so dehydrated right now I would have cried at the end. I should get some water or somthing. Anywayinshortthisgameisamazingifyou'rereadingthisandhavemoney throwitatthesegoodgameproducingentitiesweneedmoreinclusivegamesalsoJamieisawesomedidImentionjamieisawesome(She'sawesome)MAXWELLIFYOUHURTJAMIEI'LLFEEDYOUYOURSPLEEN-ok water and stopping typing times now you're all amazing <3

P.S.  (also spoilers again sorry)
I just realized that I assumed the part where it fades to black after Smiles tells Jamie what's going on and then maxwell shows up was the ending, but it may not have been, I couldn't find a way to see anything else though, so if there's more, sorry I missed it.

Your passion for the story is very pleasing to us, the game is planned to be expanded in the future; however we are currently focused on another large project at the moment. You will likely find our other visual novel Fax Vex Puix to be pertinent to your interests.

It was a very good game.  I should hope you add much more to the story or make a sequal.  It was clever how you intertwined it with Fax Vex Puix.  I wish you the best of luck on games in the future.

We are glad that you enjoyed them. 

The story is planned to continue in future releases as it is now our primary focus, there is indeed much more to be told.