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came from lie or die i'm pumped to find out more about the story!


This is such a delightful game! Playing it felt almost as if I was reading a storybook. The visuals are very charming and the dark atmosphere drew me right in. I loved getting to know the main character, too; I hope she gets to where she's going eventually.

Wonderful. In one word, wonderful. What a game. They should have a picture of this game in an illustrated dictionary when you look for the meaning of "atmosphere". I mean, if you like atmosphere in art, like I very much do, this one is a must. Great art style, great sound design, and most impressive, great writing. Immediate connection with the character and situation, even if there's no personal experience of going through the things our character is going through. That's what great writing does.

Thank you so much, Dev. Your work is a thing of beauty, and we're all lucky to have experienced it :-)

Art is exellent but, it seems drawn out and a bit dull, also there is no explanation of why we are in the woods and what we are doing here. Code, controls and art are great, well done.

I really enjoyed playing this game! The art is wonderful, the message is powerful, and the game is fun! Great work

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The Art Is Amazing! But It;s Kinda A little boring it seems i have no reason for playing if you would add explanation of the game in the start it would be great game! Love It!