The living aren't supposed to ride this metro, but she seems to have gotten a ticket anyways.

Shoot, stab and run through each compartment and whatever may dwell within, she must find what she came here for. Ammunition is scarce, her body is tired and her heart grows weak. Yet the deeper she goes, the passengers only become more aggressive and numerous.

Weave through the strangers, collect tokens for the vending machines; and get through each compartment as fast as possible before the blackness consumes it.

Use the arrow keys to guide her.

Use the Z key to make her draw the pistol.

Use the X key to make her shoot said pistol.

Use the C key to make her reload said pistol.

Use the X key without the pistol drawn to make her run.

Use the C key without the pistol drawn to make her stab.

Use the V key to make her use an item.

For additional challenge and modifiers, in the awakening compartment;

- Press 1 to enable Hateful Will, 

unbreakable to all but the darkness

- Press 2 to enable Angered Will, 

a broken pistol and a thirsting blade

- Press 3 to enable Hopeful Will, 

a shattered blade and a swift draw

- Press 4 to enable Regretful Will, 

magnificent flight on fragile feet 

- Press 5 to enable Empathetic Will, 

endless courage with a gentle heart

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its really hard but great experience!

Bloody good game!!!! Dark

Cool art style, really gives it a good atmosphere. Though I'm not digging the controls like the shooting mechanic, or at least the controls don't suit the level design


The threats have been specifically designed to be on par with the players capabilities. However players have to be patient and tempered in order to be effective as every action has an inherent vulnerability. It will feel very limiting and inadequate if you do not position yourself to always be at an advantage when you act. You cannot be aggressive like you would in most other combat systems.

So good! I really enjoy it.


Interesting and intriguing game, the commands feels slow at the start and i ended up bumping into the shadows quite a few times, but overall the atmosphere feels right.