This is my house. It is nice of you to visit. While you are here, would you like to play a game with me? 

All you have to do, is find her six times. But you can't see her. However when you're close to her, she'll make a sound. Touch her to make her appear, and keep touching her until she hides again. If you catch her in this way six times, you win.

I'll be playing a game too, all I have to do is find you once. If I knock on the door and the lights are off, I can't come in. If I turn off the lights and you turn them back on, I can't come out. If I open the door and you close it, I can't go through. And if I enter the room and you're hiding, I have to pretend I don't know where you are and then leave. But if I catch you once, you lose.

Let us play, it will be fun.

Use the left cursor button to interact with things.

Use the middle cursor button to look at the rules sheet.

Use the right cursor button to hide in closets, cupboards, tables and large shelves.

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Most horrifying experience of the bunch. Definitely worth a play.

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This is a really good game! The ambience and atmosphere are really disturbing. There's an amazing sound design you did in your game. The pixel art are amazing too.