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She just woke up.

Yet something is different again. Something feels wrong. The house feels wrong. It is worse this time, because now she knows what that something is. And now that something knows what she is. 

It has come back, and now it has found a face.

Use the arrow keys to guide her.

Use the E key to interact with light switches and other things.

Click on the game in browser to enlarge the window.

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Great job. creepier than the original I think. I think maybe I got one final ending. 

MrKravin seemed to enjoy his time in the house, but he did not save her.


It's the first time I play games like pixel type, I liked it too much even though I did not pass it, but i have so much fun :p

Ahhhh~ Now this was an unexpected surprise! Back to the fun of hunting for deaths and all endings - now the important question is, how many are in this game so far? ;o I've found 11 so far (Split between 3 videos, and 1 not recorded but found after). Exciting!

We were hoping you would notice it seeing as you have been the most diligent player we have seen so far.


There are fifteen possible endings in total. Thirteen normal endings and two final endings which are both found after escaping. However finding all the endings is not mandatory due to how obscure several of them are, the only real goal is to escape at all..

:P Oh course I'd notice. 15 Huh? Unsure if I found any of the endings, some of them are rather obscure, I won't spoil via anyone on this store page, but I'll of course show all that I find in the videos, had found a very strange one after Part 3 where I had to go to the bathroom - very specific steps for a death that had 'a weird noise' out of the ordinary.

So there's 16 Endings now? xD Been playing the older version for so long, now there's just so many weird things in this new version, so confused. Gonna have to upload my newest video and have to wonder, which ones were regular endings and if I found the two 'Final endings' or not.....

If you escape you will know when it happens, everything changes.

Vague but, avoiding spoilers are good. Does it relate to Picking up a Knife by any chance?

Yes. There are two ways the knife can be found, after picking it up there are two different possible outcomes afterwards.