The walls have been here since the beginning, and no matter how many times their colour shifted; they endured. But it is with time and tribulation that they have fallen to disrepair. The others are always watching, and now they see weakness. Something is coming, something aims to end it all.

[Due to a currently unresolvable issue, the game must be fully reloaded each time the player fails a run to avoid said issue.]

Use the Left and Right arrow keys to move her.

Use the Up arrow key to make her face the other direction.

While she is facing away; hold and release the Down arrow key to make her charge and throw. Hold the Down arrow key to collect more bombs from the supply box.

While she is facing toward; use the Down arrow key to make her lunge.

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Neat! I haven't been able to find a way to "win" yet, but I did last a fairly long time.

If you find that the later stage difficulty is too high do inform us, as we have not fully determined how balanced it is.

Your games are getting more and more cryptic each time