The white waters have begun to writhe uncomfortably; 
something dark is near.

Use the Left and Right arrow keys to move her.

Use the Up arrow key to make her face a different direction.

While she is facing those waters; hold and release the Down arrow key to make her charge and throw a bomb. Hold the Down arrow key to collect more bombs from the supply box, or conduct repairs at the ladder.

While she is facing away from those waters; use the Down arrow key to make her lunge.

Press the N key to disable screen shaking.

Press the M key to mute the music.

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Neat! I haven't been able to find a way to "win" yet, but I did last a fairly long time.

If you find that the later stage difficulty is too high do inform us, as we have not fully determined how balanced it is.

Your games are getting more and more cryptic each time