Moko has lots of good advice, so Moko set up an advice booth along the road. Many come from all around to give Moko coins in exchange for advice.

Darkness is arriving again, it is almost time for Moko's advice booth to open.

Use the down arrow key to nod their head.

Use the left or right arrow key to shake their head.

Use any key to move on to the next customer afterwards.

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The writing was amazing and so funny! I was waiting for a tree to attack me in the Forrest at the end. I loved this game thanks for making it!

=) cool


The dialogue is a lot of fun. But the "Are you having fun/We are watching you" person did not pay me! Gimme my money >:(

I think the "slow" feeling of the game was in part that the characters walk slowly to and from the booth, so it takes awhile to get the next question, and partly because you can't tell how many questions there are in total. Some games have a feature where you can speed up the game pace by pressing a button (while holding space characters walk 2x faster, for example). Personally, I don't think this game needs a feature like that because the walk speed adds to the atmosphere.

I do think it might be good to have more of an indication of how many questions are left. There are a lot of them, and I almost stopped playing because I didn't know how much longer I would be answering questions.


This game was both unnerving and managed to pull a few laughs from me, I'm pleasantly surprised.  This game manages to really make you think about your choices, even when the outcome is basically the same no matter how you word it. It very faintly reminded me of papers please, but without any real consequence to your actions, so it keeps somewhat of a light hearted dark theme to it. ^^


Cute game! Nice, easy to understand, and polished!

Does the game end when there is a black screen?


Yes, just like everything else.

I really enjoyed this, thank you 〔´∇`〕

Game is decent. My big problem is there's no in-game instructions, and it's kinda slow. Other than that it's a good game.

There is nothing we can do with "the game is slow" as that could pertain to anything.

The instructions are listed directly below the game in the description and in the installer.

I know where the instructions are but it'd be nice to have an in-game version. Also a critique that I saw that I agree with is there should be a number showing how many questions are left. Also what I mean by "the game is slow" is that I feel like characters move kinda slow, possibly speeding it up or adding a button to increase game speed would help the pacing.

I really love the stories, but game is really slow. Also I would like to see some story changes which would depend on choiches. And some ingame instructions would be nice, cause first time i played, I was just randomly mashing right button, and didn't know that you can choose between yes or no :P Anyway, narrative is really great, keep it up ;)

The instructions are listed directly below the game in the description and in the installer.

There is nothing we can do with "the game is slow" as that could pertain to anything.

Whatever you say, I'm just giving you feedback  based on my playing eperience. It's your thing to decide what to do with it, you can ignore it if you want.

We fundamentally cannot do anything with "the game is slow" because you do not specify what part of the game felt slow.