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Adolescents and children have been deemed profane, exiled by the adults to an abandoned district of the city; where they now live in near poverty. Working for a horrible business that barely pays enough to stay alive, this dark eccentric story follows the struggle for survival of one teenage girl; named Jamie Phraser.

Directly adapted from the plot told through our computer games, which all can be found and played on this site at any point. Featuring virtually all of the protagonists and antagonists from our games, with chapters directly based off the script of each game they are translated from.

This is the three hundred and thirty third edition, of neverdream.

Contains potentially disturbing, graphic and upsetting content.

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Jamie's personal journey was so clear and really hit straight to my heart, because I know people who go through that. Marcinna, she broke my heart with how she's different. Chantelle, I adored her and wanted to give her a big hug. As for my favorite character, Saoirse, she shone bright, being just amazing. She really tried to help, and she also broke my heart. But my favorite might change to Jamie soon. She really came through here, supporting everyone. I personally am not transgender, but I know what it feels like to be needed so much and not want to burden people with how I feel. So Jamie, amazing, holds so much responsiblity so heavily, but takes it relatively well. 

How the story is actually written, that is professional level stuff. I loved how it was in first person and had those little bits at the end of each chapter. I felt so bad for Saoirse's previous partner. I can't spell his name. Sorry. But still, I can't find very many faults with it. 


Really enjoyed this. If you like the games, you'll like this --  the same vibrant dystopian world, interesting characters / relationships, creative use of language, etc. (But to be clear, playing the games isn't a prerequisite for the book at all.)