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I' played this game twice, but I haven't known mean of this game. 

Can you mail me about this game mean? 

I'm making video for introducing this game!

Wait, was the black screen the ending?!??! No credits? 

Our games usually end in such a way, there are generally not many credits to give.

oh, okay then just wondering I'm happy you responded, loved the game ^^


ok, that was freaking awesome

Does it end after the job offer? (also is the main Jamie and the other person Saoirse?)

All of our games, eventually, end with a persistent black screen.


my brain cellz hurt........


😂 idk

Nice art work. Not really a game as you have no choices whatsoever. Could have been really good though. As it stands, it's a bit of an empty shell without much substance.


You have the option to go left and see the person

Good job on a narrative-focused game! I think the atmosphere for this one was done well - the apathetically morbid tone of the characters was great and the minimal and humorous dialogue made for an amusing contrast to the subject matter. I wasn't quite sure where this was going to go - you obviously had a blast making a creative world within which lurk a range of dark and creepy characters.

For constructive criticism, I think a narrative-focused game probably needs some sort of closure; the ending was anticlimactic and confusing. Moreover some sort of interaction to give the player a sense of agency would enhance the 'on rails' nature of the game. Thanks again for contributing to the SCREAM JAMs and I hope you keep on making a bunch of unique, creepy games on the site!   

What a wonderfully strange and spooky game!! Not at all what I expected, in a good way!!! You did a fantastic job in this entry! While the dialogue was minimal I got a sense for who each person was and their personality.  /I played with my girlfriend and we had a great time!

Love the pun :D I did not expected that. Love the atmosphere and humor, I just wish there was more to the gameplay than just walking. It gives me Lisa like vibes :) Love all the spooky characters, good work!

Oh wow, I'm in love with this style

The sory and worldbuilding are fantastic for a small space like this. Liked it a lot!

Very charming game, the writing was fantastic. Great job! 

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I'm curious about one thing; in the itchio desktop application there is a file called 'some' that I'm not sure about.  What is it for?  It has the HTML5 logo so I'm presuming it is related to the game listed here.

Also the exe gives me an error about 'not packaged in a way that is compatible' with the itchio desktop application.


It is likely that neither of these things are compatible with the itchio desktop application you are using. The HTML5 is for your browser and our exe is an installer, the desktop application is probably only designed to manage game exes themselves.

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That is quite unfortunate.  I will not bother playing/installing games that are incompatible with the itchio desktop application.
If you'd like to consider making the exe file compatible, please consider reading this developer guide on how to begin the process and expand your audience a bit more.

Best of luck to the devs for all the work they do.  Cheers!

EDIT:  I was able to get that '' HTML5 file to install/run in the desktop application.  Might want to put a note on the main game page for those using the itchio desktop application that they should install that file instead of the exe one.

Nice experience, thank you!


This game was very interesting.
Honestly I don't want to say anything else or I might spoil this, but if you've tripped over this game, play it.
It's short, and won't waste your time.