Help her find her colourful memories lost in the wilderness so that she can remember. Keep her away from the Forgettables, or she will lose all her memories again.

Allow her to navigate the wilderness with the W A S D keys, and tell her to run with the Space Bar. She will need to run if the tall man appears.

Use your cursor to strike the Forgettables down as they appear, by pressing the left button and slicing over their hearts. The Forgettables can only be seen as they move over colour, so avoid dull places.

Something does not want her to remember, this will not be easy.

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This game is my own personal hell. Not sure if there is an ending, I've had some pretty long runs. No pausing, no breaks, it feels like it gets harder over time. I hate this, good job.

i like it. is there supposed to be sound?

This particular game is silent for a reason yes.

got it! Thx for the prompt reply