Aphwoakah is very lonely, Aphwoakah wants to make friends. Help Aphwoakah find some friends, so Aphwoakah isn't lonely anymore.

Go on an epic journey across the valley in search of friends for Aphwoakah. 

Meet many unique, exciting potential friends. 

Encounter thrilling places in which friends may be found.

Use the A and D keys, or click and hold with the left cursor button to tell Aphwoakah where to go. Click on things to have Aphwoakah examine them.

Contains potentially disturbing content.

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this was a really good game, short but i liked it :)

Played without sound. Still spooky, but more depressing.

i want to be friends :(

What a great game. Very unique. #1 on my playthrough.


Superb game and throughly enjoyed playing it. There were a few moments that put me on edge, but it added to the storyline and the connection to the character. Brilliant! 

(1 edit) (+1)

I feel like this is connected to another game somehow.

Where does the name of the creature come from?

Ended up liking this a lot more than I expected! I actually found myself getting really intrigued by the story. It was kind of adorable but also eeriee as hell. 

yeahhhh i feel that to