She was not feeling very well, so one night she decided to go for a walk in the woods. She had only been outside the city once before. Soon she had no idea where she was, and no matter how far she walked everything looked the same.

Keep her safe while she walks through the woods.

Click on strangers to scare them away.

Click and hold on bad thoughts to drag them down.

Click repeatedly on sobbing clouds to shake the rain out.

Click on falling stars to catch them and make things different.

Contains potentially disturbing, graphic and upsetting content.

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I know you have gotten a lot of compliments, but honestly, I didn't really like the game. I know the writing is good, and you are geniuses, but this game is zoomed out too much, and too frantic to do anything. I couldn't even get a half minute into the game. It's a great synonym for life, and it is heart-warming, but far to hard to see or play. At first it seems like Jamie is hurt just by herself, and it's hard to do anything.

If the playable section of the screen was larger it would be more difficult to see and click on the moving objects, as you would need to move your cursor much greater distances to do so. 

We've never heard of the game size being a problem, it's possible you're playing the game on a smaller resolution than intended. And this game does require a certain reaction speed to be playable.

Oh, ok. Thanks. I was a bit concerned about the play size, but that does make sense. Plus, I have little to no reaction time, making my attempt at putting your story together impossible because I can't play some of your games without reaction time. I am, however, really trying to put everything in order. I have a couple of questions, but based on what you've told me before, I'm sure you're not going to answer certain lore-related questions without being on the discord server. However, if I am right in all of my guesses, and even if I'm not, this story is beautiful and I love it. Quick question, though; is Dead Blood the end of the timeline?

The games have been mostly released in chronological order, Weirdfyre's Legacy is the most recent event currently.


Okay, thanks. I also was going to delete this because I used my limited computer memory space to download Neverdream and I'm reading it when I can. I just got to Dead Blood in the book, and everything makes so much sense now, but there's still more I need to know because you are geniuses and I love your stories!

Never mind, I just started reading that section and my theries were... right?

I saw this game recommended on Reddit a few months back and bookmarked it. Yesterday, I finally got around to playing it. This game hit close to home, as someone who is very inexpressive, this game was one of the few that able been able to make me cry. The story is short, powerful, and devastating. After about 2 minutes of playing the game, I was immediately attached to Jamie. Her story and experiences, especially with other with other people resonated with me. I wanted for her to just feel a little less pain. I'm bad with reviews and don't want to spoil the ending so, i'm just going to say that I love your work and can't wait for more. I'm also going to recommend this game so someone might have the chance of experiencing it as well. Thank you.

Dysphoria isn't easy. It's hard to juggle keeping yourself sane with how awful some people are ready to be - all the while trying to stay kind and strong. You end up fearing total strangers, hearing all the negatives, and weaponizing your own self against you.

It's very much apparent this game comes from the heart - you have to physically "push" intrusive thoughts down, cling to wishes upon stars for small bits of hope, and keep going even while everything seems overwhelming; an all-too-familiar experience for transgender people. Every stranger is a gamble as to whether or not they'll treat you with basic decency, and being alone with your own thoughts certainly isn't much better.

My only real issue with this game is that the text doesn't seem to be too readable within the browser version, at times. Often I'd have to adjust and re-adjust the zoom level in order for text to be clear. In addition, the warning message given within the description should be a bit more detailed - the game discusses suicide and doesn't "sugarcoat" any dialogue/language - homophobic slurs are used verbatim here and with no hesitance.

Should The Stars Have Eyes isn't easy - life moves along at its own pace and expects you to keep up, and all the while you do so, hoping that it all gets better in the end. It cuts deep in the way only someone who has had to deal with all of this would be able to do so, and asks of you not to win, but simply to get through it. It's a bit longer than one would expect for such a simple game concept, but going through Jamie's entire night is worth the experience.

this, hit a bit close to home, so the warning was appreciated. regardless the execution and presentation was really good!

An incredibly engaging video art experience. I did a recording of this game and my first playthrough. I didn't know what to expect but left surprised. Should The Stars Have Eyes is an amazing game, that conveys such a powerful amazing experience. Once I started the game I was hit by an emotion that I haven't felt in quite some time, The message this conveys is so powerful. After the recording, I couldn't go back in for another playthrough. Not that there was something wrong with the game but the emotion I left with was so strong and heavy I needed to step back and think about all the people in my life that I have helped and how they have helped me. You guys have done such an amazing job, I have no authority or special title that lets me give game suggestions. I'm just some dude on the internet that likes playing video games and making videos. But if you're looking for an amazing emotional game then this is the game for you. Be warned though there WILL be tears.

I... I couldn't complete this game.I have never wanted to give somone in a video game a hug so much, and if I had some magical device that would let me complete a game I would use it on this one, not dark souls, not any triple A game, this one.  I made it to the... ninth horrible evil sack thing, I think?
I am still on the verge of tears after forcing myself away for the sake of my own mental health, I'll be ok, but I think this is one of the best peices of art in existance at conveying what it's like for people who don't know if they will be. Who are terrified they never will be. 

Ok, I'm just going to post this because as much as I want to write an entire essay about this game I doubt this is the place to do it.

Please keep doing what you're doing.
With love and admiration,

I generally liked the game, the sound and the music especially and how they are a part of the mechanics, but it was a bit long for me i guess, as in i couldn't play until the end.