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ok wtf is that think moving at the bottom of the screen

hiya! i'm super keen to play this game but it seems to be having some difficulties. i'm trying to play in browser using chrome, but it just displays the loading screen and i'm not sure why. any help would be much appreciated!


If it is getting stuck on the loading screen your computer may simply need a few moments to process the game before it will load. If it is completely getting stuck on the loading screen then perhaps an extension or plugin on your browser is interfering with it. If you are attempting to run the game on an operating system other than Windows that may also be the problem.


good game

┬┴┤( ͡ಠ ʖ̯ ͡ಠ)


Just tried to save as many people as possible...turns out some "good" choices really aren't that good, huh?


I killed everybody i talked to



Reminds me of Presentable Liberty a bit. Very depressing, I enjoyed it very much

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firebird71 i know right its a good you should try his other game there good too

love these games this and moko advice!




A game very similar to Moko's Advice, but more attuned to the over-arching setting most of the recent games are set in. I enjoyed how the various callers help build up more of the background, and I admit I had a nice laugh at most of the messages. With five different endings, and several text for each correlating option, there's a fair amount of replayability. Plus, personally, I'm a sucker for the subtle details, such as the changing avatars of the senders, the darkening of the sky, the little dancing envelope I could vaguely see, etc, etc.
My only issue is that it would be nice if I could click to display the full body of text, like a visual novel, as well as to help speed it along because I read fairly quickly, but other than that, a solid game.