The Bowels of Industry Expansion

The Bowels of Industry Expansion brings two new areas to the journey, further building onto the continuity of the world.

Along with The Bowels of Industry comes a number of corrections and additions:

- The depths of the metropolis are now open

- The past will be experienced before the present

- The chronology of the metropolis has been altered

- The cliffs have been shattered

- The caverns now have an entrance

- An old one is more concealed now

- The ruins of the past can be found along the shores

- The camp of the watcher has been altered

- The driver is now overseen

- They now run instead of galloping

- A floor has replaced a passage

- An elevator has replaced a wall

The expansion is now integrated with the base installer for the game, and is applied automatically on install.


The Oblivion Parable.exe 46 MB
Oct 08, 2017

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