A downloadable game for Windows

This short journey focuses on walking, jumping and crouching to advance.

Use each of the arrow keys to guide them.

Change the world.

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Install instructions

The downloaded EXE file can be operated to proceed through the direct installation process for the game.

Once the game is installed, it can be initiated by clicking on the desktop shortcut or manually by entering the game folder and clicking on the application file labelled nw.


The Oblivion Parable.exe 46 MB

Development log


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Neat stuff, great art work too, very abstract. However, personally I do feel it could have benefited from more audio throughout.  Too many long periods of silence for my liking. Also it was almost entirely trial and error in most instances, though perhaps that was the intention. An interesting experience either way. 

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In which sections did you experience a need for trial and error?