She was alone in her room, drawing the night away. She could hear something faintly in the distance, it was music. She wondered where it was coming from. 

Draw the world into view to help her navigate it.

Hold the left mouse button to draw in the world.

Click the right mouse button to search for nearby lines that have not been drawn.

Click the middle mouse button if you get stuck, to briefly highlight all lines that have yet to be drawn.

If you enjoy this experience then please consider rating or recommending it, as well as leaving some feedback.

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(27 total ratings)
AuthorPortrait Prophecies
Made withConstruct, Audacity, Aseprite
Tagsartgame, Atmospheric, Female Protagonist, Hand-drawn, Horror, LGBT, Point & Click, Surreal, Transgender
Average sessionA few minutes


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when does the game end? i have a black screen but i dont know if its the end

A black screen is typically the end.

Cool game!


I think there is an error in a part of your game (in the screenshot).

The protagonist says "I've never met a person with four fingers before", but, actually, that "person" got five fingers.


Fingers and thumbs are different parts of the hand, hence why they have different names. They can be called digits as a whole, but individually one is a thumb and four are fingers.


Nice reply. Anyway, beautiful intense game. Beautiful soundtrack too, I have listened it on YouTube.

does that mean everyone the protagonist knows at that time has 12 digits total lol

Are we playing as Jamie in this game? At first I thought that the main character was Saoirse because she seems to be out of sorts and at the end of To The Heights of my Heart, Saoirse makes a deal with Mr. Smile for Jamie's life. But on the second playthrough, it feels more like it's Jamie instead.


We generally do not comment on things like this, if you're looking for lore explanation then one of the players in our Discord server may have an answer.


I dont understand any fucking thing of this game, but I FUCKING LOVE IT, these weird horror games that have a deep meaning, they are absolutely stunning



i cant get past the forest with the puppet

Maybe try to continually press on the puppet or try to uncover more of the drawing.


TW(depersonalization,schizophrenia,paranoia and ptsd)i absolutely adored this game i guess i interpreted it as someone who has depersonalization issues and a dissociative disorder seeing them ask who they were and where they were not remembering where they were hit very close to home for me. them not wanting to back to the asylum made me personally think of my ptsd with a mental hospital i went to this game has a very cute simplistic art style and a very deep story one which players like me can surely relate to the fact that you as a player have to draw the scenes out is a very cool concept too ill be sure to look at your other games as well as i see that other people have talked abt other games have a good day or night! 


Ah, I'm stalking your page now, Portrait Prophecies! Your games, including this one, are so unique and interesting in ways I haven't seen before. Great job on WHILE THE WORLD laughs!


i know im super late but im stupid and really wanna understand this


This game is a m a z i n g and I loved it. I wish I had all the pieces but it's better left with questions.


I 100% love this game. The style is so unique and the game play is completely interactive in a way Ive never encountered before. The story is equally as great as the game style. I love how amazing this game is!!!!


For some reason, I can't get past the part with the "some asylum" sign and the ladder. It's stuck, and I've already made sure all the lines are filled in. It's really disappointing, especially because the game seems so cool, and I love the style of it so much.


We have never encountered or heard of any issues associated with that part before. Using the middle mouse button you can highlight all lines that have yet to be drawn, it is possible that a small nook was left unfilled.


This is so cool , I loved the game (just at a moment I can't continue and I'm so sad :'o ) Spoiler ("the appartement must be nearby" moment)


i really enjoyed playing this. i loved the unique game play. I didn't really get the stoy but i think that's my flaut. 5 out 5

Am i able to make a youtube LP on your game?


You are free to do so for any of our games yes.


I made an account simply to comment on this game. Simply, I loved it. I love the way you were able to draw the world around you and figure out the story a piece at a time. I really enjoyed how we were finding out our character's story at the same time she was. I felt really immersed even if the game itself was short. This game is incredible <3


We are glad you enjoyed the experience and especially took the time to leave a comment to help support the game. We have made many other narrative driven games within this same story and tone which you may enjoy as well then.