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I 100% love this game. The style is so unique and the game play is completely interactive in a way Ive never encountered before. The story is equally as great as the game style. I love how amazing this game is!!!!

For some reason, I can't get past the part with the "some asylum" sign and the ladder. It's stuck, and I've already made sure all the lines are filled in. It's really disappointing, especially because the game seems so cool, and I love the style of it so much.

We have never encountered or heard of any issues associated with that part before. Using the middle mouse button you can highlight all lines that have yet to be drawn, it is possible that a small nook was left unfilled.

This is so cool , I loved the game (just at a moment I can't continue and I'm so sad :'o ) Spoiler ("the appartement must be nearby" moment)

i really enjoyed playing this. i loved the unique game play. I didn't really get the stoy but i think that's my flaut. 5 out 5

Am i able to make a youtube LP on your game?

You are free to do so for any of our games yes.

I made an account simply to comment on this game. Simply, I loved it. I love the way you were able to draw the world around you and figure out the story a piece at a time. I really enjoyed how we were finding out our character's story at the same time she was. I felt really immersed even if the game itself was short. This game is incredible <3


We are glad you enjoyed the experience and especially took the time to leave a comment to help support the game. We have made many other narrative driven games within this same story and tone which you may enjoy as well then.