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The Rain Reader RPG is an entirely custom built system, designed to encourage creativity and solemn ridiculousness in a world void of destiny.

Based off the comics and games of the same name, the chaotic realm of Rein is now fully playable as an independent tabletop roleplaying experience. In this dark cartoon world all life is born from the light of the Moon, and must survive by consuming coagulations of that light which meld into Cheese. Although the Moonborne take many shapes, they are all united and divided by their need to survive.

Complete with sixty seven pages of rules, mechanics, possibilities and world building, this game features:

- Seven core attributes which are utilized with simple twelve-sided dice rolls. Featuring two magical attributes that allow players to occasionally perform reality-bending feats.

- Eleven different kinds of playable Moonborne species. Each having their own unique anatomy, along with four inherent traits that advantage and disadvantage their capabilities.

- Thirteen unique vocational quirks and twenty seven behavioural quirks to further distinguish each character. Moonborne quirks give access to open ended opportunities, many relying on player ingenuity and creativity over a structured system of rules.

- Serious conflicts of interest are decided through Scrimmages, in which Moonborne dance to prove their volition to the Moon; overwhelming enemies with rhythmic displays of debilitating willpower.

- Twenty eight cards for use in Sea Sovereigns, a game played by Moonborne for recreation and competition. Participants invoke the attention of ancient sea beings, conjuring magical challenges for the Moonborne to compete in.

- A fully fleshed out cartoon world driven by innovation and absurdity. Built over the course of several comics and three games; whispers from the sky,
LiE oR DiE and rain reader, which can all be experienced for free as well.

- Three different eras of history in which adventures can occur. From the early establishment of Moonborne settlements, to their monopolization by the oppressive Yellow Barony and a rush of societal change that followed the eventual revolution.

- Ten hand drawn backgrounds for setting the atmosphere, a hand drawn character sheet, an illustrated summary introduction to each kind of Moonborne, thirty three character silhouettes for use as digital tokens along with a printable graphic of each Moon Masters card are all included.

- A short premade adventure called Just Desserts, which can be played as an introduction to the world and mechanics of the Rain Reader RPG.

This game in total will require at least one dice with six, eight, twelve and twenty sides to play.


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This looks cool as hell!! Can't wait to try running a campaign with this